Describe your ideal girl in terms of physical features, then answer this: Does it matter if a girl is the complete opposite of this?

I wear size 36C and I’ve been told that my boobs are way too big and no one could want me with those boobs. My friends also said my ass is too big, I think it’s normal; it just sticks out a bit. I've been trying to lose weight but it’s like I'm losing it everywhere except where I need to lose it, frankly I'm tired so I just want to know, do guys mind if a girl has big boobs? Or personality matters the most? Maybe you mind small boobs? In fact what is your ideal girl in terms of physical and facial features?
(Lesbians and guys only)


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  • Guys I know like big boobs, they also like little boobs. In fact they like all boobs especially the ones they get to play with.

    I have to ask, are your friends who are saying this girls?

    • yup, they are girls and my best friend's boyfriend agrees with her

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    • thank you soo much, you've been very nice... I guess i'll just stick it out and try block out what other peole say

    • Okay, so you need around 1890.49 calories a day to maintain your weight. This is number is based on some equations, so its close enough. If you exercise more or gain weight this number will increase. Don't take it to heart, but the number is just good to keep in the back of your mind to manage your weight.

      Thanks for the MHO by the way.

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  • You just need to post your height and width, that way we can assess your BMI and actually give you valid information.

    Anyways, physical attraction matter and your personality. "Having big boobs" doesn't really provide sufficient information to judge physical attraction, considering that's based on the whole package, mostly the facial bone structure though.

  • I think your friends are just jealous. I only dislike big boobs/ass if they're fake, but I'm assuming yours are all natural. Some guys like small boobs, some like bigger ones. Same goes for asses. I really don't mind, and even though I find big boobs/asses really beautiful, it doesn't play that big of a role when deciding whether or not I like a girl. If I dislike her personality it's just not going to work.

  • well let me see and i can be the judge of that lol...


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