Should I ask for this girl's number at her workplace?

There is this female personal trainer that just started 1 - 2 weeks ago at the 24-Hour Fitness I work out at and she is very beautiful and seemed very friendly when I approached her and kinda introduced myself to her. When I got her name, she has a very unique first name, I searched her up on Facebook to see if she was single or not and to my surprise, she was single.

Some of the things that are stopping me from asking for her number and date:
- She might spread the word that I was hitting on her (I got a warning from that gym by another girl [gym member] that I was creeping her out)
- She might not be interested in me
- She's young (I'm 27 and she's 20 - 21) and I'm scared she might be like this other girl I tried to ask out that was her same age
- She might just be nice to get me as her client (women and sales... Using attraction to close the deal)
- I can't seem to hold a conversation with her other than talking about how great she looks and whatnot
- I'm scared that women are ManEaters/Vipers. Therefore she might be one too
- She might not like the fact that I'm broke and in-between jobs but getting my act together and going back to school and trying to hold a day job


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  • Bro,, first off it is her job. You know, she is kind of obligated to be kind and such. Because it is her job. But if you want to ask her out just do it. Just show you have a lot of confidence and if you don't. Act like you do. Be cool about the whole thing when your talking to her. It is her job and it may affect her answer,, it's about timing yo,,


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  • Ask her out. Boldly. Of she rejects you. Then move on. At least you try. You are a man. Do it!


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