Does having a bad relationship with my mom and even parents affect how I form relationships with other beautiful women?

I'm never ever sure if this is the case and not that I want to u use this as an alibi because I knew very well that women do not like excuses like these and women want a man that can work around their parents no matter the weather.

However, i've been noticing that my anxiety around women has been getting worse lately. Sometimes I will glance at a woman and then will bow my head down right away or I would start fidgeting/shake when an attractive woman is in my presence.

I'm not sure if there is a connection or not. Over the years, my mom was very strict with me and my dad would always please my mom or just told me to go along with what she was saying to stop the outbursts or arguments. Also, for the past 3 - 4 weeks, I would see my mom but avoid any contact with her just so there are no arguments or conflicts between the both of us due to a recent incident where my sister and brother-in-law came home to visit and my mom was not happy that they came by.

Man, talk about family drama. Hell, all of my family has snakes/maneaters that take control.


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  • They say if your a boy, your mother will be your first girlfriend. In the sense of she is the first female that you care about and attentative with. Both sexes are suppose to seek the approval of the parent with the opposite sex. Your relationship with your mother can affect your relationship with women because you seek her the mother you never had


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