How to tell a guy that you know he's a liar? Help!?

So I've been dating this guy and a couple of weeks back he asked me what we were. He liked me and so on.. I told him that I thought we should have that talk too but rather in person than in a text (which he suggested first).

The problem is that he's a liar. I study behaviour and the way people talk and I always know when people lie. But small white lies, I can cope with that BUT huge lies about his whereabouts - that I can deal with.

So I want to break it off slow and nicely so that we don't get mad at each other and I still want him as a friend. We are going to have the talk in a couple of weeks because of my exams. But how in the world do you tell a guy that you know that he's lying.

Last time the guy I dated (who looooved me) was I player and I figured that one out too by his behaviour - so I'm not making this up.


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  • I get you, I'm the same way and this can be tricky. I almost never call people out on lying, but when keeping my mouth shut will lead to serious trouble I go for the confrontation. At times like these he's going to get defensive, so just be direct. Don't beat around and poke at questions; just tell him you know that he lied about a lot of things and you're not cool with it.

    • But is it worth it? I doubt he's gonna change - in the end fact is that you cannot build a future with a guy like this.

    • I didn't say stay with him, call him out on it and dump his ass.

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  • just be straightforward

    • Hahahahaha that was worth the question!! Thanks. But I've told him that I know he was at A when he told me he was at B. I could see it on the gps on the app that we use. The worst part of it: the idiot doesn't turn it off!