How do you know he is dating someone else?

I'm 45 and met him online, he is 39.

We had date twice so far. He told me he likes me and we talk (text) everyday. We kissed and slept together. Yes, kinda quick but I did on 2nd date.

He told me he is not dating anyone else except me but how do I know?

He is looking for long term relationship and he wants to have GF, he said.

I'm looking for long term relationship (not just hang out type) and would like to build relationship with one person.

If he is dating with someone else, I would move on. Just because not my style to have multiple date. I only date one person at one time and if didn't work, I go to next.

He is still online date svc and I'm too. I do not quite svc till I find one for me. He is the one? Not sure, I know I would like to build relationship with him if he wants to do same direction but again, if he is still looking for someone or dating someone else, I do not waste time to he "decide to which girls to be with".

He has a son and watch him a few days a week and kind of busy his own schedule so not sure he has time or not.

I told him on 2nd date, if you lie to me, I will disappeared. I do not like lie...

Should I ask him what do I want to have relationship on 3rd date or too soon to ask about it?

I had experience to have online date before and all of guys has quite online svc after I met them. I didn't tell them to quite but they told me and they did.

But this guy said I like you and I miss you but he doesn't quite yet.

Should I trust what he said? (not dating with someone else..) or just wait to see...

But my problem is I do not wanna wait to see... I believe there is many guys out there may want to be have one on one relationship with me.

I had bad experience before and since then, I decided to not waste my time.


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  • It sounds like you are letting your past experiences control you and you have not moved on from them. Just because the other guys you have met on the internet that have played it does not mean that all of them will.

    I know it is hard when you have been lied to and cheated on, I have been their myself but you have to start fresh every time you meet someone and move on from the past.

    I am now on my second relationship from the internet. The first one lasted 20 months and we had just come to a mutal end and the second one I'm in now is only 2 months old but it seems to be going well. I can get paranoid my self and do worry sometimes but I do trust him and know I must not let him see that I'm paranoid.

    You need to think about this - Can you trust him? Do you like him? Do you feel that you can be happy with him. If you can trust him then that's great, go for it, have some fun, let nature take its course and see what happens. If you feel that you can not trust him then it will not work and you need to call it quits now. You are as bad as him going on the site, it is only very early days and he could be letting other people down that have contacted him and could be talking to friends. I have made friends on dating sites.

    From what you have said so far, it sounds good, it sounds like he does care about you and like you and want to get to know more. I think that 3 days is too soon to be making it exclusive. I would say 5- 7 dates as a minimum before making it offical and I would also say that you should wait a bit before sleeping with him again.

    • Thanks. I can trust him just a little scared to trust as I said cus of my experience. I really happy to be with him. Just talking, meals together..etc... Yes I think I like him not only cus I slept him. I do not attach with guys only if I slept the guys. I think sex is important to me. Part of relationship but mentally connected more important. I will keep date w him a few more weeks and will find out. Thanks again.

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  • There isn't any way to know and you will have to have patience to see how everything goes. Unfortunately, you should have waited to have sex because now you have basically added a lot more seriousness to your dating and that is probably why you are putting so much pressure on trying to figure out if he is being honest and where this is heading. I personally feel that people should spend more time dating and getting to know each other before they have sex and that once you have spent time together, and decided to get more serious and then have sex, well both of you should be off the dating site.

    • I do not attach guys cus I slept guys. I do not one night stand though. I think physical relationship important and sometime didn't work, different sex drive or way he does..etc... Even though, I understand what you said and I could wait for physical relationship a while. well, it has done so, I will have to see what happen next. But so far so good and hope we could build relationship. Only my problem is "trust" issue. I would like to trust him but scared.