I really like my friend she is the same gender as me what do I do?

I like my friend well I guess you could class her as my best friend. I don't want to tell her because she might get creeped out or not want to be friends with me, but I do want to tell her so its not burning inside me and even if she's straight I still want to be friends with her. Help what should I do.


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  • My girlfriend who is straight dated a girl for quite a while. It didn't define her sexuality at all. But at such a young age, you've got hormones going crazy inside you. What is your gut feeling about your friend? I would definitely try to speak with a lesbian about this. Preferably someone that's quite a bit older even ten years older. You definitely know you have these feelings... It
    doesn't make you gay, straight or bi-sexual at all. My only concern for you is at your age, kids are ruthless. Hormone raging adolescents are often very uncertain about themselves and trying to figure out who they really are. And quick to pass judgement or be nasty to others. I typically wouldn't advise someone to hide their feelings, but until you can talk with an older lesbian or even a counselor I think its best not to act on your feelings. There' s nothing wrong with feeling the way you do at all. Unless you have a strong gut feeling that your friend either feels the same or wouldn't take it the wrong way, find a few lesbian sites maybe. Post this question in a few different forums and if you can find a psychologist/counselor either on web or in your area that would be helpful. Look up adolescent counseling on sexuality. Some will do it free. If you can't find anyone, make up something to your parents that might get you some time alone with psychologist or psychiatrist. Either way, it takes a lot of courage to discuss this and you've taken a big step to talk about this. Cheers to you for having the courage to seek out advice! You will make the right decision!


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  • Since you're 14, most girls that age think they're straight whether that be true or not, so she might be creeped if she doesn't know what her orientation is. That being said if you don't do something I feel like you might regret it for a very long time and you might become awkward around her. So first just ask her about opinion about homosexuality then tell her how you feel about her if she's open to tying that. One question since I'm curious, I'm cool with gays/lesbians but how do you know that you like her?

    • Whenever i'm around her i'm always happy and were really close and whenever she touches me I get butterflys in my stomach.

    • Ah, sounds like love :) have you ever felt this way about a guy cause you could be bisexual...

  • How old are you? That's a pretty tough situation and if you're really young there's no telling how your friend will take if she's straight. Honestly you'll probably need a lesbian whose been in this situation to really give you the best advice.

    • Thanks and i'm 14 and I thought I was straight but recently I feel like I am atrracted to the same sex

    • I'm gonna pray that a lesbian comes to answer this question better than me, but given your age I think your friend might react badly if she's straight depending on the kind of person she is. Is she pretty smart and tolerant, the type that's okay with homosexuality? If she's not then you might want to just hold it in and maybe wait until she matures a bit.

      If you're sure she is tolerant of homosexuality then I'd tell her that you might have feelings beyond friendship for her, if anything just to get it off your chest. If she's mature and tolerant then even if she's straight I don't think she'll shut down your friendship or anything like that.

      Just don't delude yourself into thinking she's totally okay with homosexuality if she's not, because she's very young and due to that it's likely she's either on the fence or she's not okay with it. Not that there's anything wrong with it at all, you guys are just pretty young is all.

  • Recently just took a speech class. It taught me that it's OK to be emotional when speaking. If you want to tell her, TELL HER. Yes, it may make things awkward but remember, that'll only happen if you guys let it... the problem with saying something like this, is how long you wait to do it. You don't want to say it too quick, they might think you're after only one thing and are just lying about it... but you don't want to wait too long either because then you'll probably have wound up in the friend zone or whatever... like I said, don't be afraid to speak with emotion. TELL HER


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