Girls are afraid and completely turned off by me. Also they treat me like I'm below them. Why?

First off let me say I'm glad to be back! Been a few months since I visited Girls ask Guys.

Ok, Over the past few months I've been noticing that girls seem very turn off by me. Always avoiding me at work, or if I need to take to them about something work related they keep the convo brief and to the point. Basically it's become very clear that the girls at work do not want to interact with me, and that's fine. A little Silly, because their missing out on a great friend but fine."Mabe they think I have stinky feel =)"

Anyhoo, work isn't the only place I'm noticing this. At stores around town, at drive throughs, "I'm sure I spelled that wrong but my co-worker says its right so I'll stick with it" and also volunteer and social gatherings.

Now here are my Pro's and Con's that I personally am aware of. Pros: I'm very giving, I enjoy helping others. I believe it's my reason for being here. I believe in God however I never try to push my beliefs on others, because it is also my belief that You live ur life by choice. You choose what path you want to follow. I have no right to challenge or choose your life path for you.

BTW, if you have beef with God or you don't believe he's real then please keep your comments to yourself. It is my choice to die believing that I will see my loved one's again, please respect that, and I'll respect the fact that you don't share my belief.

I have a great job in the Military, I have my own castle in the getto :p and a "formidable" steed, A 2012 Toyota Camry. I love to volunteer, and I'm a Sexual Assault and Victim Advocate. I have great friends and a great family behind me. I love my self and the people around me. I have a positive attitude and I'm always down for a game of Pain-t Ball. People around me say I'm smart and I enjoy making people laugh and feel good about themselves. I'm always working to better myself. I've been told that I have a strong personality and that I have a rare level of kindness. damn out of room...

Con's: I'm very talkative, I'm a bit of a loner, I got this way not long after I joined. I have a troubled past, and a lot of people know this. Lastly there are a lot of "un-true" bad rumors about me and people believe them.


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  • I have a feeling you're assuming that girls are thinking bad things about you when they may not be at all. Assume good things and good things come. Also don't intend on dating a girl just because you talk to her. Let that happen naturally.


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  • You didn't list any cons

    • His cons is that he doesn't know how to shorten his a text.
      Not a dealbreaker to be honest. xD

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    • just did

    • Girls probably don't dig you because of those rumors. Find a girl outside of your circles that doesn't know you at all and charm her.

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  • You might be looking time upon time at the wrong kind of girls. Analyze what the girls who turned you down have in common. Then start looking at other girls.

  • you will find the right probably sooner or later.

  • a lot of girls dig men in uniform so you shouldn't have that much of a problem