Was my ex trying to hurt me?

My ex texted me a few days ago asking for me back and said he was not seeing anyone that he messed up. I didn't answer it. then four days later he texts me at like midnight saying he is dating someone. His fb has no girls and it says single. I messaged him saying we shouldn't be talking and that I would no longer be answering his messages. I said i only answer his message sometimes cause I feel sorry for him. I blocked his number.

Is he just mad that I didn't answer and was just trying to hurt me cause I didn't answer? do you think he will feel bad and just leave me alone?


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  • Yeah, he is pathetic. He tried to play on your emotions which weren't there... and he failed... he just wanted you back and from the sounds of it, only for physical aspect. Oh you def sent the message loud and clear, if he has any dignity, he will leave you alone.

    • he was blowing smoke right? just wanted to seem like I missed out?

    • Correcto mundo... the guy is a dimwit, you can do better, scrap him.

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  • don't care about him... he is a waste of time