How slow is too slow when turning a friendship into a relationship?

A female friend of ~6 months started drop some really obvious hints that she wanted to spend more time together. I asked her out and we had a great time. After that she was out of town for a week, then I was out of town for the week. This weekend I asked her out but she has plans with a female friend she made a while back.

I think she genuinely is busy, especially with work. Last group event she came to and literally everyone was commenting on how tired she looked. She also stayed and we talked for about 20-25 minutes after everyone else left, a lot of which was her talking about how stressful work is and the unrealistic work expectations she's given. She wanted to keep talking, but l I teased her that she really needed to get some rest and that'd we have to go somewhere just the two of us when she's not tired and busy. She smiled and agreed but said she's not sure of her schedule and that she'll let me know.

If anything she is showing more signs of interest now than before, however I can feel my interest in her declining back to friendship because we haven't had any quality time to get know each other in nearly a month now.

Should I be more aggressive in finding some creative ways to persuade or her into spending time alone with me so we can get to know each other better?

Maybe she really appreciates that I have my own life and that I don't expect to spend every weekend with her after just one date?

Anyone have experience in this kind of situation? Anyone dated a busy person before? Did they eventually start making time for you as they got to know your better and become more attracted to you? Did their busy schedule cause them to lose attraction because they didn't make enough time to get to know you?


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  • I would start texting her, and and talking to her over social networks and arrange a day where your both free to spend time together.


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  • My ex was a busy person. We only had about two actual dates. But we would send little texts and such.

    He tried to make time but was usually pretty busy.

    No. Plus I think he still likes me.

  • That's a long time. Keep talking and asking her to meet.


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