How to know if my fiance is feeling sexual attraction just like I feel towards him?

i feel i am sexually attracted to my fiancee. i mean we are just engaged now via arranged marriage and we are good friends since childhood.. whenever we are together, i feel like grabbing his collar, touching or kissing him. He is bit shy and blushes a lot;);) i am on the start of my dating phase so we dont touch each other much. Does he feels same sexual attraction towards me? He leans too close to me, looks deeply into my eyes, gives me all his attention, whispers a lot...


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  • You certainly need to settle that question once and for all before you roll the dice at an altar.


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  • Well, grab him and see what he does


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  • Uhhh you're engaged but you don't know this?

    You're moving way too fast if you don't know the answer to the question.

    Rethink your engagement.