Was he trying to make me see... Boys help girls input!!!

I dates my ex for 8mths recently ran into him 2 weeks ago, had casual conversation, hadn't seen him since breakup, he asked if I was still seeing someone I said kinda cause I'm not in a committed relationship and I'm really busy, yesterday I face booked him on accident trying to Facebook someone, he replied I said how's life he said he was married then I was like what that's awesome then he was like "no lol" I have a girlfriend, gave me her name told me she was on facebook, and told me they moved in together, first off why the hell would I even want her name? He hasn't even changed his status which would seem like something you would do if you're that serious, post no pics and he is a Facebook fanatic so is this his way of telling me he is over me thinking I was "hitting him up"? Confused!


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  • Did he break up with your it vice versa cause he wanted to make you mad or jealous lol. Either way not cool and dumb.

    • He broke up with me... why mad or jealous... isn't it normal for people to move on? how making himself unavailable to me make me mad?

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    • He's an idiot I've accepted the fact that people do dumb things. I've gone through the same thing a girl I liked rejected me and tormented me for a year she woukd tell me abkut whatvshe did with other guys to oiss me off she was an evil soul. Don't let him. know you took notice even though you may care he can't know I'd he did it would be worse. Don't take him back.

    • Always remember he broke up with you lol nothing needs to be said.

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  • Perhaps I am 'Over thinking' but he most likely isn't------Over you. And with this so-called 'Live in,' he may find Qualities in her that he didn't find in you, and vice verse. And she could possibly be a Rebound, however, he is breaking bread with her at the moment.
    I believe that by you running into one another, it may have stirred up a few old ghosts. Perhaps the 'Breakup' was recent, and you Both are not done licking your war wounds. It happens. I am guessing with all this 'He said, she said,' he most likely Misses you, and likewise a little for you.
    Being he is in this relationship, don't allow him to get anything even started again. He may not be 'Posting pics' or even has 'Changed his relationship stats,' for perhaps he is not ready to talk about Her, being you and he are split up. He doesn't want to have to explain Anything to Anyone being he is a--------Facebook Fanatic.
    Don't end up in the end being part of Newsfeed Once again with him, being he is with someone else, should he Come Around with More of-----His way of telling me.
    Good luck. xx

    • Why would he say he loved her, I mean she would see it, but there is no way they have been dating more than a month

    • He may 'love ' her in his own way, he says he is Living with her, if That is even true from his own lips... But if only supposedly 'dating more than a month,' then maybe more here than meets the eye with this guy...

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