Should I wait for the date or just move on?

So we met online, chatted for a week the stopped. After 2 months she decided to enter my university (She's 19, I'm 24). So I got a message from her on a dating site, the convo started to roll & roll and then I asked her her fb and she gave it away immediately. The we messaged each other for a week. I felt like she would make a great date so I asked her out. First date went well & we ended up talking for 3 hours, while walking along coast. Then we continued to chat on messenger after a week I asked her for the second ate, she agreed an proposed a date on 6th of Aug. So on the second she sends me a mesage sound something like this: "It's really hot outside, heat is killing me how about moving our date to 23rd Aug" Well it is really hot 35deg C for our country usually it's like 17-25C in summer. by the way she texts me a lot asks how was my day, what am I doing, we crack a lot of joke, she stays up late and talks to me & if it's really late then she replies arly in the morning. And she asked for my phone number first and sometimes she calls me.

I'm confused. what to do? I do like her BTW.

She describes her day in detail when I ask how do you do. Ads personal details. We've discussed lots of personal topics, including sexual ones, cracked a lot of dirty jokes (comming from both sides). We live in differnt cities but study in on
I don't call her for 1 reason my cellphone plan sucks, besides messenger seems to work just fine.


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  • She's probably hoping your freakishly hot weather will have gone away by then. Sounds like she's definitely still interested, so just be patient. A date where one of you got heat stroke wouldn't be any fun.


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  • give her one more chance, I'd say moving a date like that is strike one but don't give up THAT easily. The 23rd is a while away though. If she continues to flake then sure move on.

    • Well she is hanging out with her best friend in the bar right now despite all the heat (in the city a date was supposed happen, saw Facebook check in) 2 things: 1) i a full of shit and jealous 2) she's a lying liar 3) it's ok to hang out with friends and piss a guy of I don't see any logic under moving date to 23.

      Should I give her silent treatment for a few days or something?

    • nah if thats the case just move on and forget her, not worth it despite what she may look like.