How to handle other girl once I am starting a relationship with the first girl?

I've sort of been in and out of "talking" with this girl. Last weekend I had sex with a different girl. With the different girl... she wanted it bad. And I've never hinted at starting a relationship or anything with her. But she's texting me a lot.

Well now me and the first girl are looking into dating. How do I handle the different girl? She's a decent girl so I'm not going to mess with her. Should I just distance myself from her, or straight up tell her I'm getting exclusive with someone and I want to be respectful and tell you.

I just don't want, on the slim chance of her seeing us together, for her to flip shit and say we had sex. The first girl might consider that cheating.


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  • TELL HER. I hate when guys just up and disappear like that. It isn't fair. You decided to put your dick in her, the least you can do is be honest. Hell she probably thinks you two are dating. Smd. Boys.


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  • Tell her about it, it's really not fair for you to not tell her when she probably thinks there is something between you two.

  • Tell Her You Are Talking To Someone.. And You Dont Want To Hurt Her By Playing W. Her


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