Girls: If a guy ask you out, would you?

So I have been chatting with a girl I met during a volunteering event for awhile on facebook. I have been asking her to do stuff with me (yoga, kayaking). She has said yes but has had schedule conflicts. Today, I asked her to grab cupcakes with me and she said yes. And later tonight, she asked me if other people would be joining also?

If a guy ask you out, would you ask if someone else is joining? Is this her way to check if it is a date? How should I answer? Or is this a sign that she is not interested and wants other people to come along?


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  • I think it's her way of checking if it is a date or not. Or she could just be actually curious and wanting to know.
    Just answer truthfully and tell her you were hoping it could be a date.

    If she declines than there's always more who will say yes.
    And if she says yes then, yay!


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