I need to win him back after questionable advice?

After posting this question ( www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1091630-dating-for-1-5-months-can-i-keep-him-interested) a member said they could make him my boyfriend in two weeks I took his advice so I said ok. He told me to ignore him for 2 days and after I told him my mom was a psychologist and the guy I like owns an apartment he started calling me a liar and other names and I had to block him.

After the two days of hardy responding to him I texted and called a few times and he has hardly responded the last two days. I think I'm quickly losing him from these games and I'm heart broken. Is there any hope to get him back? Maybe he needs space, but he's the love of my life and I will be wrecked if I lose him. Please help, I don't know what to do.

He said the days I didn't talk to him didn't bother him when it should have, and that showed him we have no future and he will never love me. I'm so sad :(


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  • That sounds a bit odd. You fell out with some guy who said he had the answers, then took his advice anyway? It sounds like you went overboard. I'm not saying this guy had the right advice, but you didn't follow it at all, He told you to ignore him for 2 days. You said you hardly responded for 2 days. He told you to contact him after the 2days and it sounds like you went overboard and "called a few times", "and texted". So we can't really blame the guy's advice only you because you didn't follow it you did your own thing.

    The key point I'd make is the general advice was you put him off by too much so pull back. You didn't pull back. It actually sounds like you're getting worse. Talk to your friends because on here it's not working well for you, and maybe your friends will convince you to stick to their advice better than people here. Good luck.

    • Well the fall out was after the fact. When I texted him I didn't do it more times than he had me when I was ignoring him. I just wish I knew the game plan afterwords.
      I do talk to my friends, but most are in Europe or I feel like they are getting sick of this story, hence me being on the web :)

    • There's really no game plan. It's upto you how open/honest to be, how much you wanna play games, how much to trust someone. It is a fact that too much can put people off. At the end of the day, if the people here were really experts they wouldn't be giving out advice for free.

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  • Give it a week, then tell him that someone told you how to make him yours. Tell him that you're sorry and you're want to make up for it. This last part is optional but tell him you'll take any punishment he can come up with but don't say it unless you mean it. He could ask for anything and if you need me to explain just let me know.

    • Well, my constant nagging for sex caused some of the problems so idk. And we never go more than a day without talking, a week sounds so painful but maybe if he doesn't reach out to me :(

    • Well if you still talk then don't not talk. Communication is an important thing in any relationship. Just slowly rebuild his trust in you. You may never need to bring it up again if it all goes well. As far as the sex goes you do need to respect is sexual needs just like he needs to respect yours. Compromise with less sex for you but more sex from him try and find a good balance.

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  • be direct. tell him exactly how you feel. put it all out into the open and hope for the best.

  • First of all, stop playing all the games. He obviously know's that you have been, tell him you were worried he was losing interest so were trying to keep it. Apologize and tell him you won't do it again.

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