Where Are Some Good Places To Meet Women?

I am graduating college and will be joining the workforce full-time. During college, I used to go to college bars to meet women... but it never worked out.

Where are some other good places to meet women other than bars/clubs... and what is the best way to approach them?

I usually go to the gym a lot and see a ton of nice looking women there... but I have heard that women hate being approached at the gym.


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  • In school would have been a good place. If not, you can even get away with approaching random strangers like at a store.

    A lot girls like to laugh, if you can make her laugh. Have a joke ready. Be confident. Smile. If you aren't funny, just tell her she is beautiful and you would like to get to know her. Don't use pickup lines, I've never seen them successfully executed.

    I wouldn't suggest approaching girls at the gym. It's annoying to workout and have a guy hovering or watch you while you workout.

    • I tried meeting women in class, but none of them were really interested in me.

    • Aww. Well in school is good too, like even if you aren't in class together. Some women are really shy. When I walk around my school (when I was single), I used to think some guys are so cute and I'd love for them to talk to me. But the guys I like are nerdy/geeky types, so some were too shy to approach women. You never know, so I'd say give it a shot.

    • This is late, but thanks for MHO :)

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  • Grocery store. Ask them how to pick out the best fruit or vegetables.