What are my next steps?

So I met my friend at a concert with her and her friend. Had an ok time but didn't really have much time to chat or anything but her friend was super pretty and seemed really fun so I asked her for her number and she gave it to me. I said we should hang out but she responds "as friends?" implying that that's all it would be because she's supposedly "seeing" someone, so I said sure! In all actuality I have no intention on being just friends, but also why would she give me her number if she's seeing someone? So later on I asked my friend about it and she said she's kind of seeing someone but also not really so the next day I texted her letting her know it was me and I hadn't heard from her. So if I don't hear from her in the next day or so, what should my next steps be, if any?


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  • For the number; people will give you their number as just friends. If my boss at work gave me their number, that doesn't imply they want to hook up. It implies they want to talk as friends or about work.
    Now, for what to do; Start out as friends. Talk about the concert, and about her. Learn more about her and talk about your interests. Also hang out with her, maybe take her to another concert.
    If she doesn't reply after another text message, dont text her anymore unless she texts you back. You'll seem clingy, and a bit creepy. (If she never replies, she's not interested.)
    But once you guys have gotten comfortable around each other, give her hints about how you like her. (Assuming she's single) Then, hopefully, you two will date. But if all else fails, find another girl!

    • Ok, how long do you think I should wait to shoot her another text? My first one went "hey it's (my name) from last night. Lol" any opinions on what I should say in the next one?

    • Sorry im so late to reply to this! But today/tomorrow would be good.

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  • try to hang out with her more.


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