Would it be too early to have sex with him?Should I wait a little longer?

I been talking to this guy for a month and he says he's always been attracted to me since 2011. Now that we gotten to know each other a little bit it's been a month since we been talking. The second week we was talking he mentioned to me he was talking to someone else but he's single n he's not trying to hurt me. But if that is the case then why everytime he looks at me it's more than just friendship kind of stare? I fell for him so hard and I just don't want to have sex with him (as bad as I want to) because I'm trying to see what his intentions are at. He says all of this stuff like he wants to be with me, like (I make him feel go good inside and when we kiss he feels relieved and calm. I'm so confused. One minute we seem like a couple n the next minute when we text or talk I feel like one of his homeboys. We came close to having sex a couple times but I stopped it. (Guys) what do you think?

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  • The boy seems pretty in hurry for sex as he has to go somewhere. U should wait and take some more time about a month or so. It is not advisable to start having sex as someone starts talking.


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  • You need to ask him where the relationship is at and whether or not he wants to actually date you. If you don't mind being hook-up sex then I don't see a problem doing it whenever you feel like. If you want it to be dating sex then well, you need to be actually dating exclusively to do that. Time really makes no difference here.

    • Yes ur right. But he's always nervous to tell me how he feels and he says he's scared of commitment and he think we met for a purpose. But we just automatically clicked. He wants to see where we end up at so I wasn't too sure if it was safe to give it up. I just don't want to hurt myself in the long run

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    • my advice is don't have sex with him for as long as he insists he has 'commitment issues'. It's just my opinion but it looks like an escuse he's using so that he can have sex with you without getting too close. Once again, this is how it looks to me, it doesn't mean it is the way it is, i'm no relationship expert anyway.
      Of course, taking into account the fact that you're only talking for a month and that your not really in an exclusive relationship, i don't think having sex right now is defenetely not a good idea.
      And if you do loose him because of it, maybe he's just not as good as you think he is

    • * i meant ' i think having sex with him right now is definetely not a good idea'

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