What should I do? Please help?

I met this guy few days ago when I went to the city with my friend. We talked, laughed and it was a great night. We sat at one bar and while he was somewhere I told my friend that he's a good-looking guy and since he's her brother, she told him what I said the next morning. He said I'm cute and they talked about us being together and he said that I should contact him and find out myself. So, I added him on Facebook few min ago and he accepted.. And now, I don't know if I should text him or let him do that and if I should, what to say?


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  • Assess urself first. If u r the type to get hurt easily with rejection, please wait for him to contact u. Or if u r cool with it, then go ahead and text him. And when u meet him, put on ur best smile and just be urself. Don't take the dating stuff too seriously. Enjoy it, and if u r lucky, u could end up in a great relationship.

    • Okay and what should I text him? What to say? :)

    • Well, depends. I mean just how u'd text a friend to meet up, talk over coffee, or maybe if u have some common interests... sports, parties, or if u r a bit academic, then u could meet up to discuss about that. Don't reveal too much of ur intentions. Most importantly, don't look desperate. But i'd advise u to be honest, as if things do work out between u, u'd regret not being honest. Just tone down the excitement a bit for now, until u r sure of things. Just take it cool, have fun :)

    • Yeah I get it, thanks! :)

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  • Well haha calm down women.. Breatheeee! Just talk to him normally. And take it from there

    • Hahahaha, I know, I am relaxed I just don't know what to text him?

    • Just be like "Hey, how are you? How is your day so far" that should be a good start and it get the ball going! Good luck hun :)

    • Okay, thanks :)

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