Did she lie to me? opinions please?

At first this girl told me "Honestly i keep my dating profile because i like to just talk to people and make friends"

then 2 weeks later she disabled it, i asked her why, and she said "well im not stable for a relationship"

um what the heck? opinions? thoughts?

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What Girls Said 1

  • I say yes but its hard to say why. Most of the time I'm keeping my dating profile for friends is code for things like I want to keep my options open. I think she lied because she said she kept it for friends and took it down because she wasn't stable enough for a relationship and one has nothing to do with the other I kept it for friends means she wasn't using it to look for a date so what's her avaliablity have to do with it if I'm making sense here. I have an ex that tried online dating (we didn't meet that way) and I was constant finding his profiles but it was always one he forgot about or kept because he'd made friends on the site he would take them down for my benefit try to make me feel shitty about it since it was innocent and then as soon as I wasn't paying attention he would set up a new account. He used those sites to cheat (with 5 different people in 5 years that I know of anyway)


What Guys Said 1

  • She could only answer that. May be she's hiding something or just changed her mind.