Do I like older guys because I have "daddy issues"?

I like older men and my friend seems to think that its because I have "daddy issues".. My dad left us when i was 3, by that i mean dropped off the face of the frickin world. at 7 my mom married a guy and he never liked me because i wasn't his and he would verbally abuse me and tell me that he would buy me a plane ticket to go live with him

I dont think that that i why i like older guys, i think i like them because they are more put together and they know what they want


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  • I'm 26, and would only date a chick under 20 unless I was sure she was a virgin. That said, I think the reason girls like older men is because we are more mature, more masculine, we aren't always horny & craving sex, and we work harder/provide better. Young men nowadays tend to be hipsters, bronies, or gay. When it comes to dating, they're in it for sex, not for family or marriage. Most of them couldn't fight worth a damn either, they grew up in a school system full of security cameras, where if one girl slapped another girl, the cops came down to pepper spray her. When I was growing up, we picked fights all the time just for the fun of it, and there was rarely any intervention from teachers or authority figures. This was before most people had cell phones or internet, so we really didn't have much else to do at the time.

  • Some younger girls aren't into boys their age because simply and honestly, most younger guys are still just boys! They are immature, goofy, inexperienced and so on. Older guys are usually more established, have a job, have income/money, know how to treat a woman and so on.


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