Has anyone ever read he's just not that into you book?

It woke me up a lot. Too busy is never anything but
Lame excuse.

If he's not calling. your not. on his mind. Guys may say anything but truth as some of them are. cowards.

If. guy appears and disappears in your life he found or is looking for someone better but got lonely.

If a guy says im not ready for anything. means not. ready for anything with you.

If a guy wants you he will ask you out there and then. If he flirts he may be a player. Never ask a guy out as you will never know how he sees. you could be an option to him only not a love interest.

Never call to ask him out if he likes you he will do it.

Never pursue a guy first. I did once big mistake. let him. chase you and get to know you.

Reading this book made me. realise why many relationships did not. work I was naive and the guys were not that into me


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  • I think this advice might apply in some situations, but not all. For instance, if you've been dating the guy for a month or two, and he isn't calling/texting you often, he probably isn't that into you. If you've been dating the guy for a year or two, and he doesn't call/text you every day, that's normal, and you should be thankful you don't have an overbearing man. I'll sometimes go a week at a time without talking to my current gf that I've been with over a year. It isn't always because I'm busy either, sometimes I just want to do other things, like hang out with friends, spend time with my younger siblings, etc. When she goes to the beach or casino, I'm not constantly texting/calling her, wanting to know what she's doing. My mom's boyfriend does that every time I take her shopping or out to eat, and it's annoying as fuck. So I wouldn't want to annoy my girlfriend like that. She actually prefers it that way too.

    I guess you really just have to ask yourself: Am I being overbearing? Would I want him texting/calling me every hour of the day? Do we even have anything worth saying? A lot of the time my girlfriend and I just don't talk because we've said everything that needs to be said.

    • Hey this question is aimed at first stages of dating not when you are like bf and gf. Sorry I see I did not make it clear in the details section

    • @Asker: Alright. Well in that case there may be a lack of interest. I've found the direct approach is usually best, just ask them how they feel. If you wait around, and try to guess their feelings, you'll usually just end up wasting your own time.

    • Not talking about any guy in particular just ones from past who I learnt more about through reading the book

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  • Yes I have read it and know the author, if you really look at it, everything in the book or any dating advice is just common sense, but our emotions cloud it and that's why we get hurt.

  • i disagree with the mentality of that book

    • Its common sense generally. in first stages of dating but thanks for your opinion

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    • because it would make it half way easier if girls would at least initiate or start a conversation with a guy first, and then leave literally asking out on a date, asking for a phone number part up to the guy

    • I agree. I do initiate sometimes

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