I want to touch him?

Guys, creative, subtle ways a shy girl can break the touch barrier over a first lunch date?


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  • Depends how much you are looking to touch haha. Well, lightly touching someone's arm when you are talking and joking is good but what works great is the accidental bumping into them ploy. Say you are in a store and looking at something "accidentally" (on purpose) look what way he is going and bump into him, you have an excuse to touch him or hold him for a second pretending to avoid collision.

    Lots of ways, try sitting at lunch and just reach across and take his hand, look at it, and say something to the effect "you have strong hands or looks like you work hard" or something but really just for the chance to hold or even massage his hand a bit.

    Run your hand over his shirt and say "nice shirt"

    Just look for opportunities but when you stand next to him just touch his arm and say wow, big muscles or something then squeeze his arm to feel his muscle

    • Lots of opportunity comes from something at that moment, don't be shy when you do it, just think of touch as an expression of your emotions: If he tells you something nice, smile and touch his hand and say "that is sweet".

      I pretty much think that touching someone on the arm, shoulder, and hands is fair game and never will offend them unless done in a creepy way. If they are not comfortable you will see they will pull themselves away, at which point you know that they are not comfortable.

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  • There's a phone app for touching guys, you press it and it literally jolts you with 300 Volts of liquid cou - you're not going to break the touch barrier without touching.

    If you like him, lean 30% and let him make the other 70% and kiss. The more you touch him, the more you will be comfortable with touching him. It's a habit, get used to it.


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