Guys & girls: So I'm talking to this really nice guy!?

And I really like him! A lot! And I came out of a relationship a month ago, and I don't know of I'm ready to get back into one..
Also I need some tips on how not to stuff things up because I really want this to work with this guy! :(


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  • Well... besides the fact that he's nice, what kind of guy is he? It's difficult to give you tips if I don't know anything about him.

    • Well he isn't quite the guy my mum likes he has spacers and he smokes.. :/ but he's so kind and caring! And he said that he would do anything for me!

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    • No problem. Thank you too. :)

    • And thanks for MHO as well ^__^

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  • He's a smoker, he doesn't care about himself. Why should you? Your mom is right.

  • lol your still to young to not mess it up

    • I know but I'm not like other teens. I hate being single I'd rather a relationship :/

    • pay attention to this site 90% of the girls here want a relationship your not alone, but they dont know how to do it, they might get the guy for a while, but then it falls apart, plus girls hit on guys the wrong way, and guys hit on girls the wrong way as well

    • Oh.. Makes sense!

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  • stop being thirsty. u like him too much. u just met dude. calm down.

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