Can I get her back, and if so how?

A very good female friend of mine said she liked me a few months ago, and that she had liked me for ages and it took her a lot of time and courage to tell me. I liked her too but never told anyone because I had a girlfriend at the time.

Anyway we became closer when I dumped my ex and over a number of months started dating and I fell for her quickly and hard; she not only said she felt the same but acted in a way that showed to me she really likes me.

After dating (often, none of this wait 3 days rule) for a few months things became very serious very quickly, we had sex on a number of occasions everything seemed perfect. We both said to each other and to friends that we have never been so happy. Her family seemed to love me, especially her mam who even said I was welcome to stay over after only a few weeks of dating.

Almost overnight a few weeks into the relationship she freaked out on me and said that something had changed. She claims that she still likes me but everything moved too quickly for her, and that she thought she was ready for a relationship but now she's not sure.

I do believe she's right and that things have happened between us far too quickly, and I have told her that. I really like this girl; and if she isn't ready for a relationship I have no problem to going back to being friends with her, however I don't want to be in the friendzone and watch her with someone else.

She says she still likes me... is there a chance this can work out between us in the coming months? If so what is the best course of action?

Forgot to mention she has been under a lot of stress at home and at work recently. Dont know if that makes a big difference.


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  • Maybe the stress from work and everything else and the pressure from that and the relationship has gotten a little too much for her. And if she hasn't been in a long time serious relationship like this before it might have dawned on her that you are serious and terrified her and she doesn't know how to react to her feelings. I'd say give her the space she needs and make sure she knows that you're there for her and that you don't want to break it off but maybe cool it a little. Spend less time together and hopefully she will get more used to her feelings for you. I hope things work out for both of you :)


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