Do you have a cut off point romantically?

When it comes to someone you interested in, do you give them only so many times to give you chance/ notice you in that special way? If you do, why?

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  • It depends on the context. I tend to give a lot of people chances, but there are somethings where something is unacceptable, I'm not going to go into details since I'm already writing a book about this, but I just want to say that I try to teach the virtues that lead to good actions rather than to teach the actions themselves. A person should know what to do and a person I'd ever date, would know the difference.


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  • Of course I have a cut point. I give chances to people, but it depends on the person to be honest. I don't give that chance often. Maybe before, but not any more.
    I look at the people, when I see some light there, I go for it. People can make mistakes, we are human beings anyway. But some people can abuse it, so I don't like it at all. Those are the people don't deserve basically.. I don't consume my time, I move on.

  • Yes - forever and always, because I don't have so much time to waste. Life is meant to be lived, not wait around hoping someone notices you. If he doesn't notice me, I go up to him (if I see he's incompetent and will never do it).

  • If they obviously don't have any interest in you, you should fall back. There's plenty more good people out there

  • I have a cut off point because I'm not going to wait around for a guy to notice me - usually its a time frame though, about a month - it all depends on how much we talk and see each other. I don't wait around anymore because I wasted a year in a relationship trying to make things work and waiting for the guy to put in effort as well and he left me. I just don't see the point in waiting for someone to notice me romantically because if they don't already after a month of talking to me then they probably wont.


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