What was your first date with your current partner like? Where did you go? How was it? What was your first impression of him/her?

I met my current boyfriend, Josh, online and I never thought we'd be anything serious. I thought he was just going to be another one of my sugar daddies. And I didn't tell him my name till out third date, but that's a different story.

I texted him one day before we had even met and I said "take me to Applebee's. I want some buffalo chicken" I had been bugging him the past couple of days to take me, and it just so happened he was getting off of work at 5, so he told me to be ready and he'd pick me up, but I would have to come with him after to his friend's house, so he could work on his truck. I complied.

I remember everything. I remember walking out the door, I was wearing a pink dress and my hair was a curly, frizzy mess. I remember opening his car door and him looking at me awkwardly from the side. The whole car ride there I had my arms crossed, I could barely look at him. I wasn't really interesting and I'm always shy at first.

But we made do. We talked about ourselves and it was whatever. When we finally got walked into Applebee's, I was so shocked to see how rude he was to the host. Well, not rude, but when she greeted us and asked us how were, he didn't even look at her directly and paused for like five seconds and was like "good." But yeah, we were both really awkward and the whole thing was awkward especially with our interactions with the waitress. My initial impression of him was that he was uptight and not interested.

We went to his friend's house and they worked on his truck for a couple hours as I watched. It was like 11 PM by then. We ended up leaving, he parked in a vacant parking lot of a local park, talked for a while, I ended up giving him head, and the rest is history. Probably the best boyfriend I've ever had and he's a hard working man full of integrity, I'm so glad I met him. Whoever says you can't meet a guy who is serious online is an idiot.

Tell me how you met your bf/gf and what you thought of them. I'd love to hear.:)

Just skip to the end if you don't care about my relationship. :P


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  • My first date with my current boyfriend was senior year of HS. We went to a pizza parlor and each had our own pizza and then we went to the school dance.

    I can't really tell you my first impression of him because we'd been very good friends for many years before that. I can tell you I liked him from the way beginning though.

    The date itself was very fun and it took us all of an hour to go from friends who decided to go to the dance together to a super serious committed relationship.

    • That's so cute. :) I wish I had a guy in high school that I was with, but I was a bad girl and messing with older men when I probably shouldn't have been. :P

    • Yeah, everyone thinks our story is adorable. I could probably write one of those corny pre-teen love novels and make millions with it. I tell people our story - from start to finish - and they're like, "It's a storybook romance!" And the sad thing is, it totally is. And we didn't even try haha.

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  • First off... holy fuckin' boobs and body batman, fuck meeee... damn!

    I met my girl while trying to pick up her friend at a bar... who woulda thunk I would end up with the girl who was hot, had a bf and was leaving for Fl for good the next day... nope she never left, bf is toast and her best friend doesn't talk to us LOL

    • Haha, you're funny. ;) it sucks getting set up with the ugly friend, but it sucks harder BEING the ugly friend.

    • She wasn't ugly per say, but she was a easier target. My odds of getting laid with her were better than my gf/her hot friend. I was going for a easy target, too tired to work on a hotter project LOL But who knew, I would end up with the hottie... we still laugh about it this day lol

  • To be honest, I don't want to talk about my previous exes as they are not a fascinating story like your own, so I'll tell you a story, let me just reply to this opinion here.

    • Here's who I'll meet and when and where. So in about 1-2 years, I'll have my notes revised and corrected, I'll have arguments and ideas that I can publish, if I'm correct about the whole deal about human nature, I'll go actively pursue someone special.

      Now, my way of seeing this is here: I wouldn't mind dating someone who's a mess or what not, someone who is beautiful, but who has her demons (that's fine, as all the people I have met thus far are far from perfect).

      I guess I'd take her to my place, make some tea with milk and offer her some, green tea only. We'd sit in the living room and I'd pull out my book. I'd give her a mini-lecture on the meaning of a relationship and it's foundation, the substantive base of love. I'd explain to her how love is not an emotion and how it cannot be mistaken for infatuation. Then I'd explain how notions like 'trust' can be derived through the wisdom of love.

      I think given my effervescence for knowledge, it would be more for me than

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    • Have you ever been in a relationship, because... if a guy gave me a lecture our whole first date, that'd be our last date lol. But who knows, you might meet a girl who'd be into that. Good luck. :)

    • To be honest, I'm not someone who tries to impress people, but I like pondering ideas and thinking about things in a manner that leads to true belief. I see relationships as something deeper than fornicating and boiler plate social conversations about the weather, about work, who's uncle died now? Who's your favorite actor and so on, that's a load of superficial stuff, I want something that is very deep. Yes I've been in relationships and I broke my last one off. I don't want to be in relationships until I'm absolutely sure who I am with, but I'm the kind of person who would be there for her in any scenario when she needs me the most.

  • I met my first gf at a program we went to
    worse mistake to meet someone at a
    program for people who have mental
    issues especially if they aren't stable
    we went to a restaurant on my birthday
    for out first date it was good i really did
    love her but things didn't work out for us
    i believe love can happen any where
    it just depends on how things work out
    but any future relationships might come
    my way i will do background checks on them
    i learn my lesson be extra careful on who
    you meet


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