Any guys know? I know I've already asked about my relationship but oh my god?

Okay, so I went through this weekend, Friday he ran me a bath, dried me off moisturised my legs, cuddles me played with my hair and stuff no arguments. On Saturday he took me out, wined and dined me, went to the cinema and went home and fell straight asleep. And today before I left we just had such a good laugh! He told me to call him after my meal with my dad and I've been trying but he's ignoring my calls. I know this simply because he told me to call and he always has his phone on him and it's never on silent. So many mixed signals. What is going on? Any guys know?


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  • Honestly... umm... girl with a banging body like yours shouldn't be worried about why he isn't answering your calls, if he doesnt, someone else will, he is a moron if he lets you slide so dont worry... But answer to your question, you are not the only dish on his plate, so to speak, sorry.

  • He may be caught somewhere

    • He's not. I know he's getting my calls that's just it! He's ignoring me on purpose

    • Den its ur fault hw u trusted sych a guy so easily

    • Not as if it's a short term relationship. I've been with him for a year and a half. I have every right to be able to trust him.

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