"Reach out"? Or move on?

This girl n I started talkin like a month ago or so and we've been dating for a few weeks now n Thursday I night I pissed her off n she hasn't talked to me since. I called her once yesterday n once Friday n she declined both calls. I've texted a few times n no reply. I know what guys will say: ignore her, go get someone else. In fact, I've been a runner in the past. I start to like a girl n I'd push her away bc I don't wanna get hurt. I actually like her but I'm also afraid of pushing too hard. I asked 2 friends of mine n they are girls n they both said reach out to her. Is that right? She hasn't told me she doesn't want anything to do with me.. Is she giving me a hard time? Does she not wanna talk to me anymore n I should give up, move on?


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  • Have you left a voicemail apologizing or once she didn't answer you left it like that? I'd say if you really do like her, reach out to her one more time. If she doesn't answer don't necessarily forget about her, but maybe give her a few more days for her to reach out to you. If you don't hear anything from her by this coming Thursday then I would move on. Nobody should be that mad for a whole week.

    • I never left a voicemail. I don't want to seem too thirsty. One of the texts I sent was pretty apologetic and I did tell her how much I like her. I know she really liked me til Thursday. I really thought she'd talk to me by now. This is the stuff I don't like that makes me run lol

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    • This question is now irrelevant. My grandma died tonight n she didn't even have respect to respond when I begged for someone to talk to

    • Awwwww I'm so sorry to hear that =\

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  • I really recognize myself in the runner-part. Reach out to her, I'm guessing your friends know more about what happened between you guys and they told you to do it.
    Even if you won't keep dating it's good if you talked it out so that there's no bad blood between you two. She probably will come around though.
    It's great that you are trying to grow as a person by sticking through it, thumbs up and good luck! :)

    • I agree. It's not like we removed one another from fb. I've never been mean to her. I just wanna move on if there's nothing there. Maybe it's a test. Women are mystical creatures lol ;p

  • She mad at the moment if she likes you a lot she will come back and talk to you but first you should text her saying sorry and explain what you did and explain I'm sorry for whatever you done then she realize you care and talk to you again. If not move on


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