Should I message him or would I be pushy if I did?

So I met a guy this Friday at a bar, lets call him E. Our eyes locked the instant I walked in through the door and he kept looking at me the entire night when I was with my friends. One of his friends came up to me and went "there is no way a hot girl like you are single", he was extremely pushy, asked about my personal life and also said that his friend E had told him that I was beautiful and so on, when I glanced over at E he looked really embarrassed but smiled at me. I get a bit awkward when I get compliments so I went to the bathroom with my friend just to get away.
Anyway when my friends and I left the bar E also left. I waited with one of my friends by the bus, when it left with her inside it E came up to me. He said "I'm sorry if this is really weird but I just have to tell you that you are incredibly beautiful" he was a bit shy at first and we talked a bit about his friend, whom he apologized for. He was being really sweet, we exchanged names right before his bus came and then he messaged me on Facebook almost immediately. We talked for a bit and he said he usually is really good at meeting new people but that he got speechless when he saw me. He asked for my number and we texted the whole day yesterday and then he asked me out. He is going on vacation for a week tomorrow so we are going to dinner when he gets back.

My question is if I should text him to wish him a an awesome time in Turkey or should I just play it cool and talk to him when he gets back? :) would it be weird if I did text him?


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  • It's never weird to text a guy first. But you met him at the bar so I assume he's a player and you should keep your guard up.

    • Yeah I thought about that too, especially when his friend acted the way he did. They were there to celebrate a friend's birthday though and E had a girlfriend for three years so I'm still not sure. Thanks for the advice :)

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