Dating time starts over again?

i went out with my boyfriend for about 9 months. we broke up and started dating other people. but 4 months after the breakup, we got back together. so what I am asking is, do we start the dating time all over again or do we continue it as if we never broke up, or do we just count the months we dated?


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  • Does it matter?

    You can't act like you never broke up. You both did, you both know that you did, and that will be one of your lasting memories over time.

    However, in dating this second time around, you both know each other fairly well from the previous relationship. Some things may have changed, but in only four months I doubt it's anything significant. So the chances are good that the both of you will resolve to that previous comfort level developed together, and will take off from there.

    I guess if the numbers really mean something important, you would add the nine months of the previous relationship with whatever you have now.

    • Well two reasons that its important is the fact that I would like to know when our anniversary date would be.. and also the fact that people generally ask how long the relationship has lasted. but thankyou for your input. very much appreciated.

    • As far as an anniversary date is concerned, I have to agree with Larry's logic on this. It doesn't seem to make sense of celebrating a past date from a time when the relationship did not work out.

      But even so, you could still add in the previous nine months to the total time.

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  • I think it depends a ton on your individual circumstances. Sometimes, after a break up, people want to put everything in the past behind them and try a fresh start. Other times, people are getting back together because they realized that they truly wanted what they had before. In the first circumstance it makes sense to try to be formal and start over again. In the second circumstance it makes more sense to pick up where you left off.

    Try to think about why you broke up and why you got back together, and make the decision based on that.

  • It starts over , because this is now a new relationship again...Hope that helps


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