I've known this guy for a few years. The words he just said to me didn't come to my mind as I thought it would?

I met this guy online. His name is Ethan. We've been very close, and kept up in our life. We were 10 years old when we met. Now we're both almost 17. The thing is, yes he is real because we would have phone conversations and long night webcam nights. We're close. We treat each like we're together but we're not because we decided distance is hard. But to get to my question I was talking to him. He asked what I wanted to do after High School and College. I told him how I wanted to move out of state after High School. Go to my college, and get married on a beach and live on the beach.
Ethan was like.. "The beach is one of the most relaxing places to be I sweaaar. Hahaha even if you just stayed around L. A area, you'd love it. :) " He's in California. Just when he told me that it felt like he wants a future with me! Am I wrong? I am TERRIFIED to ask.

Don't put me down and say I'm never going to see him because I understand where you are coming from! Just last night we got comfortable and explained how we want to be in each others arms and all.

Thanks! x


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  • well, thats always a possiblity! I think now it is up to you to try and decipher his remark, you'll have to come up with something casual, yet witty to ask him to see if he is legit, maybe something flirty like, "I'd stay in LA if you were there ;)

    see what he says to that :)

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