How do I stop caring and showing too much love? Because am the type that cannot hide my feelings. And it always looks as if am needy but am not. Help?

I am very caring guy but sometimes the ladies confuse my caring for something else. Am an honest person and am loyal but seems not to be lucky with the ladies. Any tips?


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  • Just don´t listen to them. I know girls always say; oh I hate that he doesn´t listen to me he just doesn´t care. But thats not true, if a guy does care it get´s annoying. It´s better for a girl to tell the story she just told again to a guy who didn´t care at first. If he listens the second time it´s more likely that he really wants to hear it.

    So just ignore it and let a girl ask you if you care about something.

  • Take it slow, you're probably freaking them out!

    You can have little romantic gestures without being overwhelming


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