What Are Her Feelings For Me?

Reasons Why She Might Like Me:

-Saw her eyeing me a little during the first day of class.

-She talked to me first on the 2nd day of class and started to follow me around a bit when I had no intention of talking to her.

-3rd & 4th day of class, she dressed extremely nice, wore make-up, talked to me and sat across from me while I was minding my own business and trying to study.

-I asked for her number and she gave it to me.

-We spend most of June semester studying together at night and working on class projects together as well.

-She would give me hugs and smile if I asked for them.

Reasons Why She Might Not Like Me:

She never ever texts me first. I set up all the study dates with her.

Note: After our class ended at the end of June, I lost contact with her due to losing my phone.

-I caught up with her 2 weeks after our June class ended. Saw her randomly in the hall, made small talk with her and then asked for her number again. She made a strange facial expression and quietly said "okay..." and texted me her number.

-After getting her number again, I asked her out a few times. She constantly tells me she is too busy. I never really set-up a day or time to do something. I usually text her something witty and ask if she wants to go out sometime and she always tells me she's too busy.

Is shy lying? I realize that she works full-time and is taking 2 class during the July-August semester... but she had no problem studying with me at night in June and she used to tell me she had weekends off sometimes. No one is that busy (my friend works 7 days a week and still has time to hang out at night).

Not Sure About Feelings:

-When she denied me a few dates, I was sitting in the hall one day studying. She comes over and starts talking to me and acts like everything is cool.

-Again, after she denied me a few dates, when she sees me in the hallway, she always says hi to me first... like nothing happened.

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I am truly not sure how she feels about me. I am graduating college this Saturday, so this is my final week with her. Should I tell her how I feel? How should I go about it?


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  • I think you've been friend zoned, my friend. If she's ALWAYS busy... She isn't always busy. She would've offered a replacement hang out at least once. But she probably genuinely likes to be your friend, though!


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  • If you're not sure about the answer to your own question it's always B or C... it's never for sure that she likes you, and, by your description of the situation, I'd say she thinks of you as a friend.

    • Thanks, but you're too late. She told me she was too busy to do anything with me... but I her last night out with her friends and she saw me to. She looked away quickly as if she didn't see me, but she did. And she avoided me today and didn't say a word to me when I saw her.

  • Tell ger how you feel before she's gone forever. :)

    • LOL. Too late. Realized she didn't like me when I saw a guy leaving her place with her -_-

    • Ohhh my bad.
      0_0 ummm hehe

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