Do strippers give out their numbers?

I went to a strip club once with friends. I had no idea we were going, and I was a little drunk (it was way outside my comfort circle, so I probably would have left if I weren't drunk).
My friends liquored me up more to relax, and I ended up getting a couple lap dances.
The girl and I talked for a while, and she seemed impressed with me. She couldn't figure out why I was single.
She eventually gave grabbed my phone and put in her number.
I'm skeptical about it, because I doubt her intentions.

Why did she give me her number?


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  • She looking looking for a meal ticket or a sugar daddy. It is not uncommon for a stripper to hook men


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  • If they do they likely have more then one number. One for personal one for business.

    • I thought so! I thought it very suspicious.

  • when you ask a girl her number never expect the truth, especially a stranger.


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