Indian girl 22 or older opinion required?

If you meet an indian guy whom you find wonderful and thinking of a relationship with him. He is honest with you and tells you honestly about his past. He tells you that though he is a virgin but he had done sexting with some random girls anonymously online ( including private pics without faces ) for fun. He havnt shared it with any of his friends and is having a great reputation in the society.
Will you accept such a guy? And will you be able to respect him after knowing this truth about him?


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  • Yes I would accept all of these things. Innocence is cute. But this is a false alarm, I'm not indian or 22. I hope someone comments for you.

    • There is a huge difference in the way you think and indian girls think. Our culture is very conservative.

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    • Ok. Talk to you later.
      It was nice talking to you.
      I hope that you find an Indian girl.

    • Thank you. Bye :-)

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  • I'm Indian and I would accept him for being honest! You know how easy it is for people to lie and sound like they are perfect? Just respect him for telling you the truth. Most Indian guys wouldn't these days.

  • Yup. If he can except my crazy self yup I can except him he can't be abusive


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