I need some ideas of where me and my boyfriend can go to just be alone, talk, or hang out!?

What are some good ideas of where me and my boyfriend can go besides the movies? I'm like killing myself trying to think of something.
He doesn't really like the mall so that's out of the question. I kind of just want to spend more time with him I guess. I'm 15 by the way and we've been together since I was about 13. I kind of just want I go someplace where we can be alone and talk and stuff. Would it be weird to for him to just come to my house or something?
Please answer fast! Summer's almost over and I want to see him at lease a few times before school starts. I don't know if my parents are ok with me going over his house, but I know for sure that they're ok with him coming over my house, but then I feel like that would be kind of weird. Please list as many ideas as you possibly can so that way I can have a lot to choose from. If you're wondering how I've gone all this time without having any good ideas of places we could go it's because in middle school we used to go to the same school.
Thank you in advance. I'm in desperate need of your help!


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  • Try going to a park, walk around and talk. This one might sound cheesy but, how about you two go ride bikes around your town. That will help, you two by yourself doing a activity that is fun, unless it is flaming hot outside, but I would go when it's cool outside

    • The park is maybe a good idea, but we live in different cities so we'd have to get someone to drive us. I don't know is that still good?

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  • A strip with a lot of stores preferably a bookstore is always good. You two can meet, walk around, and find things to do. Depending on the area you are meeting at if you have any big attractions you could meet there. Amusement Parks, a day at the lake. So long as both of you have transportation its quite doable.


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