How do I show a guy who is 6000 miles from me that I still care for him?

My (for lack of a better term) boyfriend and I live thousands of miles away from each other. He lives in London and I'm in America. We talk for hours and hours every day and we use skype. Every day he compliments me and still manages to show me he cares for me even though there is a huge ocean that separates us. I want to do something sweet for him. I had an idea to send a message in a bottle but more than that so I came up with little trinkets in a mason jar. Here's the list of things I'm going to put in it but I need more ideas:

Kiss on a napkin
Heart confetti
Message w/ perfume
Short poem
Map with line connecting us with a heart on it
Key/heart charm

What else could I include?


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  • All those things are good ideas. Then fly out a week later and SHOW him that you really do care about him. It'll work.

    • thats not feasable at the moment. otherwise i'd already be there. there's nothing keeping me here besides the bills i have to pay and the job i have to keep to pay those bills

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