Not always responding to when I tell her what she means to me not sure why?

This girl I am dating doesn't really say anything back when I tell her "I like you" in person and over txt. She mostly smiles and kisses me after. We are both 20 have dated in the past and stayed friends and now were dating again long but good history. We talked all summer long and decided to date pretty recently. Things are amazing with this girl (from my point of view). Even just kissing is different. Just think its kinda weird she never says anything back when I do the sappy I like you or stuff like that. Is she waiting for me to say something more? I think that would be little early but I'm curious. When she drinks she says I mean a lot to her. Let me know your opinions! Oo and also do guys say i love you first or girls.. might as well throw that question out there as well.

*she doesn't say that when she is drunk. But comes out more when she is...
*JUST when she is drunk.


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  • how about you let her tell you when she is ready

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