How can I approach her?

I been friends with this girl for about 4 months. We met through my sister, I felt a connection with her but i never actually talked to her like that. I see her probably once a week and every time i would see her she would be very friendly and talk a lot to me. One day she saw me with my girlfriend and after that she was acting wired towards me, i never told her that i had a girlfriend. My girlfriend and I broke up because we didn't understand each other and we were just too different from each other. I want to talk to this new girl now she gaved me her number but i dont want to come off as wired or something. How should i approach her?


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  • well i think this girl might likes you so you could just approach her by being nice and talking to her more when you are face to face for a while so it won't seem weird if you text her and start talking with her! you could also look her right in the eyes when you guys are talking so she can see you re not just being friendly! but be careful try not to freak her out by staring too much;p ! hope i helped!:D

  • As cliche as it sounds, Just be yourself! Girls love it! It already sounds like she likes you (As she seemed to be jealous when she found out you had a girlfriend) So just act how you always do! Try to make her laugh! A girls laughter is the way to her heart! Just say 'hey' and maybe ask about her day! It's the little things that really matter! Ask her questions! Most girls love talking about themselves! Also talk about things you have in common! That's what i like anyways!

    Good Luck! :)


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