How do I stop liking my doctor? (I'm a nurse)?

I don't flirt with him like other girls at work and I'm very professional.
I'm quiet, but really quiet around him. If we're walking in a group.
I don't go near him. I take my job VERY seriously.

I tried to tell myself to stop, but I can't. He's tall, brown hair, blue eyes.
Omg. You wouldn't believe how many girls flirt with him, and act unprofessional.

Omg, I need to stop!


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  • There is no simple solution when you see a person every day.

    You'd need to have no contact and not see them.

    The best way I can suggest is dating and falling in love with someone else but this only works if you do not love the person you want to leave behind.

    Give things time and see what happens. Try and talk to different men. Go out and about and explore when you're not working.

    • I'm not interested in dating lol.

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    • Lol. Yeah!!

    • It's rare a woman likes my favourite band lol. Glad you liked it ;)

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  • In my humble opinion all girls should love doctors.


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  • Just stay strong and control yourself. Why do you like him? He is hot. Thats pretty much all.
    He is popular with girls, you dont want a guy like that do you?

    • I mean guy who is just hot and popular. I belueve you want someone who has more than that

    • Not really. I'm a birgin, not my ch expedienced. But I have a fetish for guys in control...

    • Sorry for my typos. Jus crown my the typo princess.