Girl I like, showing interest, but is attempting to work things out with Ex bf?

Here is the background, real quick.
I met one of my cousin’s friends. We really hit it off. We have a good time together. We’ve kissed and made out already. She started texting me so I continued and showed some interest. I've gone out with her and her friends and she hangs out with me and gives me attention. She has hung out with me & gone to different events, concerts and sports w/me. SHE has thought of them as "dates"

She has said "If you want to date me you need to..." "Youre more than the guy i take things from"
As of now the signals she was sending were of a women who was interested
From what I heard from my cousin, she thinks im funny and has a really good time w/me. BUT She is also trying to work things out with her ex but things aren’t looking good, its falling apart. She is very confused and doesn’t know what she wants. All from my cousin.

The first time we hung out she did say she still had a connection with her ex bf. They still hung out etc. They had gone out for a very long time, 4+yrs. That was an issue but since we were having a good time and she was sending me the right signals i stayed

She is the same age as me, 25ish. She has a career and is independent. She is different from what im used to go after (college girls). I have had to change my ways and put more effort into this girl, something im not used

Recently, on a “date”, she stated that I was very social, funny, and Charming. We flirted. Then she hits me with, “youre my friend. Im working things out with my ex. I don’t know if its going to work out or not. I have a lot of baggage trust me”.. We ARE friends, we're getting to know each other. But I don’t know how to take this… am I just a friend because she's trying to get back with her ex. Or am I legitimately out of the race? is it b'cuz she's confused
should i keep my distance and forget or stay
any advice would be great..


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  • "real quick." riiight... haha no, I did read the whole thing so here's my advice:
    Still talk to her, if you really like the girl, then you should still be interested in being friends.
    Give it some time, with no pressure, but after a while, casually ask how her and her boyfriend are doing.
    Depending on what she says, that should tell you if she's still planning on getting back with her ex..
    I say, since she says you two are friends at the moment, be friends-
    and still be open to dating other girls.


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