If your sister was like this?

I've mostly had woman that are friends but have also had some guy friends. Most of the time women say that other woman backstab them. I really didn't get that experience until my sister recently did it to me. So I went out with my ex for years. I ended up dumping him after he kept on cheating on me. One of those times I had sat down with my sister and told her what had happened. Her husband was even there when when my ex and I were fighting. She told me to try to workout with him. I ended up forgiving him until this last time. I only have two friends that are girls at this time. My ex during the time we were together was hanging out a lot with my sister's husband and his other guy friends. I used to find it odd because my ex claimed my brother in law was always drinking and wasn't that good to my sister. I thought nothing of it. Well after I dumped him I told my sister and her husband why I ended it with him. My sister's husband started to deny it and told my sister that he wasn't cheating on me. My ex ended up getting a new gf and his gf overheard he was a cheater but my sister and her husband kept on denying it. I started to try to figure out why they were lying until I finally had got it that my sister's husband was a cheater himself. He hangs out with a lot of other guys that have cheated on their wives. I couldn't believe my sister was making me look like a liar for my ex all because her husband told her to stay out of it. I told my sister it was wrong she wasn't standing up for me but she told my ex was her husband's friend. She has left me hanging even though she knows the way even her husband is. I just can't seem to trust her anymore and I can see how fast she's quick to turn her back. Her best friend went through a divorce just recently and her best friend told her that she was jealous of her marriage. My sister was proud even though her friend doesn't know that my sister has a cheating husband. I didn't know she was this type of people.


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