How to find the one?

Have you guys already found the perfect one?
Do I just have to sit and wait pr should I do something?


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  • Doing nothing will get you nowhere. If you truly
    want "the" one, and not just any guy out there
    then you won't find them by actively looking.
    (funny how that works hmm?)

    The best you can do be yourself, focus on yourself
    and the things you enjoy in a normal day..

    The best active thing you can do to find
    "the" one, is to focus on a hobby, and hope
    a guy with the same interest comes along.

    Love is a trapdoor. Look for it, and you'll never find it.
    Ignore it, and it'll take you by surprise.. ^.~

    • I hope it'll surprise me soon =p

    • I'm not saying you should stop looking altogether obviously
      but trying to find them, should not be your primary objective.

      If you actively try to find a good man, you will only
      see those who act good, and not the actual good ones
      (can't see the forest for all the trees)

      It's really difficult to put it in words
      but I hope I get the point somewhat across.. ^.^

    • Yess I know what you mean ^.^

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  • Personally there isn't just ONE person out their for you, there are like 1000, but in a big ass world like we live in today. You better get up of your ass and start looking. Cause you could find Chad or Steve hot. But when you neglect Nick and never pay attention to John. You will never know who belongs in those 1000. enjoy the hunt!

  • Become the one.

  • If there's any places you can go to socialize other than bars and clubs, go for it. There are a lot of douchebag players out there, so don't be fooled, and don't put out until marriage..

    • Yess I know that that's why I am carefull

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    • You have my sympathy, it can be tough meeting new people. If that's you in your pic though I'm sure you'll be fine.

    • Ooh no I wish that he was my boyfriend though.

  • yes just sit and wait, after all you're a girl, but take care of yourself, if you take care of yourself you other people will too. (I'm talking about health, good image, studies, growing as a person etc.)

  • LOL. You won't meet dudes sitting on your couch, no. The more effort you put in, the faster you get results you want.


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  • Nope.
    Haven't found my prefect guy yet