He shows little emotion. Now Im confused?

I know I've already asked why he can't express love and have been told its not important. But he calls always spends special time with me. But I don't feel like he will really be there for me. I work 2 jobs to keep up on everything. I tell him Im stressed or tired and he NEVER ask why. A couple of months ago I wanted to share more of my past. I told him I was in ICU a couple years ago and a friend was really there for me. He didn't even ask what for am i wrong to think this is strange. I rarely any thing but happy times with him because I know he can't deal with it. Weve been dating 18 months this is not new. He sees me a lot shows me of to his friends neighbors and family but rarely says anything nice to me. he's not mean either I guess he's just there. He doesn't communicate. I loved him so I turned down a long term friend who proposed to me. I think I made an error. Now my friend is tired of me saying no and thinks he's moved on. Im stuck with this emotionless man and I really need to be done. How do I end it with him. He just brought over gifts for my birthday. (Although strange. LED lightbulbs among 1 of my gifts?). Still he is trying it just is not enough. Lay it out there or go away. Thats how I feel. Second question is I've laid it out for my friend and said Im ready for everything. He just spent a weekend camping with ex girlfriend and may want her back. He told me it would always be me? Im telling him lets go. Now push back? I feel like just saying forget it to both of them. Im exhausted and drained emotionally.


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