So, the Law of attraction worked on me? If you're doing this... READ! If you need this. U should read !?

My bf and I broke up, I was heart broken but he always said I asked for too much, so I felt as if I was needy, so after our final brake up I made a promise to stay strong I was braking, by texting and made his ego strong, so I came across the sweet and affirmations, I lost hope because two weeks he never called and when we broke up he said I am not coming back!! He is stubborn and prideful, didn't care if my feelings were hurt he was COLD! So I said mmm this won't work, because it's been a week but something told me keep going keep going and guess who has reached out twice? The cold CAN NEVER GET TO BRAKE the silence guy. My ex! My hopes crashed I am a quitter but I put this to the test and BELIEVED and indeed he texted. Have faith! If you're doing this! Now for me I am
Going to let him sweat a bit, I will
Keep on with my letters of gratitude everyday! But I will have him work to hear from me. No
More " right away " girl
. Good luck !!


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  • I'm about to attract so much dope stuff n2 my life.


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