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Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year and we're in high school in junior year, she loved me and promised me that we would be together forever and infinity and beyond, always called me soulmate, always said i love you and says she always misses me and we've had a healthy and perfect relationship and recently she went to Thailand to visit her family last month and when she came back a few days ago she was acting kind of weird and i kept telling her whats wrong and she said she needs space and she's been telling me it's because she misses her family and later on she said asked what happens if we broke up and i explained to her that i love her and i will always ask for her back and she says that she was thinking of breaking up with me because of how much she got used to being alone and it hurts her to think that way she couldn't handle the distance and she said she wants to be with me and things but she needs time and space and she used to be scared of losing me and and now when i ask her if she's scared to lose me she says no and i asked her i'm sorry and things and she said says no it's not your fault and i asked if she wanted to stay with me and she said yes and she said she loves me but she said she needs time and space, i love her so much and i don't want to lose her she means so much to me and we're still together i don't want to break up with her and move on i know she loves me and cares about me but how do i give her time and space?


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  • thats really hard because i've been in her situation before. For me, I said all those things to him too, i love him like crazy. i was with him for three years. the thing is though, i wasn't IN love with him. i cared about him deeply and i would still do almost anything for him. but i wasn't happy with him. It took me a long time to realize it and i was even in denial for a long time... i kept going back and forth about if i wanted to break up or not. truth is, I needed to break up with him. I cared about him, he was my best friend, but i realized i wasn't really in love. and it sounds like that whats happening to her. Believe me, this is extremely hard for her too. and if she's in my position, she's doing the right thing. You WILL get over it. you will probably always care about her, but down the road you'll realize it was the right choice too. you dont want to live your life with someone who's unsure.


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