How can I tell if a guy likes me? Not sure?

There is this guy that just stares at me from time to time and I sometimes looked at him and he looks me straight in the eyes and then he looked away and down at the floor and looked sad? I don't really get approached by guys unless I talk to them first and then later they will sometimes (but rarely) talk to me :/ I feel like he might be shy and I'm actually shy too but I can be outgoing if I want to and people assume that I'm not shy for some reason lol but yeah does he like me? How can I see if he likes me?


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  • Him looking away and down at the floor sadly indicates to me that he finds you attractive but feels you're too attractive for him and that he'd have no shot.

    Locking eyes is an IOI but on it's own it's not enough. That is all i can get from what you've said. Not enough has been mentioned or not enough contact has occurred for any proper assessment.

    It could be you look like someone he lost in his life, hence the looking down and sad expression.

  • Only way to be sure is ask him


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