Girlfriend nervous of me meeting the folks?

So I've been dating this girl and she wants to take things to the next relationship being sex.. I told her that since she is still in high school (18 therefore not a minor) i wanted to meet her parents.. she's very nervous to meet my parents who know of her and her parents do not even know of me. i am 18 and out of high school and this is my first time dating a virgin as well.. a lot of what we've already done is foreign to her but she has taken each new step with pride.. she's from my hometown where my family lives four hours of where i live now but i see her often... Ladies and Gentleman as well.. any advice helping her through this and making her more secure?


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  • Something you could do is instead of meeting them at there house where they obviously have the upper hand where they could kick you out or something similarly is go OUT to dinner or maybe go to a musical performance somewhere.
    Make sure you smell nice. That's always a good thing. Be the gentleman that I know you can be. Do not curse. Even if they do it, do not do it upon the first meeting, it's just not tasteful. Avoid politics as a topic of conversation like a colonoscopy and ANYTHING in the news that is controversial. For example: the guy in ga who left his kid in the hot car and the kid died. it's okay to feel bad and you should express that but maybe you shouldn't really discuss the father's sentencing. I think all these things will make her feel more secure. There's nothing she can really do for herself, I mean, they ARE HER parents.

    Best of luck to the both of you.

    • very helpful thank you, although, im not as much worried about the proceedings and more about how to make her feel better about it.. have u ever been nervous when a significant other wanted to meet your family? if so why?

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    • on the fence tbh... trying to determine if its hard times tht theyll overcome or if they are mentally unstable..

    • I know how hard it can be to make that decision. I'm confident you've made the best one you know how.

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  • I think she is nervous because she might be afraid of her parents reaction. They might not accept it & they can be really mad & ruin the relationship/:


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