Asked if we were sexually exclusive and ever since he's been acting distant?

I have been dating a guy for almost a month now and everything was going great! We would text every single day, we would see each other 2-4 times week and do different things like go to the beach, go bike riding, etc, and our sex life was great.
Almost two weeks ago I asked him if we were just sleeping with each other or not. He said we were, but ever since then we barely text. He has only texted me twice since then on his own, and his responses have been cold. When we hung out for the first time since that question this past Thursday, it was a great time! He came to help me out at work for a couple of hours during the day, and then I spent the night at his place after. But since I left his house Friday afternoon, I have only heard from him once and that was Saturday afternoon when I texted him.

I know I made a mistake asking him that question because it implied I wanted to know if he was committing to me and it was too early to ask that, but is that why he's pulled back? And if so what do I do to change it?

I really like the guy and we have a good time together. By the way, we first slept together after the fourth time we hung out.


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  • yeah sounds to me like he just isn't ready to commit yet

    • So what am I supposed to do in this situation? Continue doing what we're doing and just dating and not push him?

    • if you really like him, i guess be more patient, otherwise i'd suggest looking elsewhere

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